Tech-Based Process Re-engineering

Industrial process re-engineering with robotic process automation & process efficiency improvements.

Industrial Data Management

Data point identification, celebration, data manipulation & development of decision support dashboards.

Training & Consulting Services

Develop in-house project teams to resolve problems in a sustainable way with value-added training & consulting services.

Bespoke Software Development

Development of high performing software application solutions with cutting edge technologies to serve real-world needs.

Technical Strategy to Implementation

We work with you from the technical strategy formation to industrial implementation which delivers the return on investment to all stakeholders.
Augustory, Corp. comprised of five pillars consolidated & seamlessly joined each other which demonstrate the successful delivery of the technology solutions ranging from Technology Consultation (Academica), Bespoke Software Development (Dynamica), Data Analytics, Business Intelligence with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Analytica), Industrial & Process Automation (Robotica) and cross border technical talents sourcing (Intellica).
We believe technology is not the barrier but the communication is. Most of the technical projects fail due to a lack of communication or gaps of the same. Hence, we take more time on understanding the exact requirement with the business demands and understanding all stakeholders' roles & requirements. With that, it's much easier to provide a technical solution to a real-world business problem as we understand the business, culture & people factor.

An exceptional team that delivers hyper exceptional results!

High Profile Full-time Consultants

The team comprises of a high caliber full-time consultants & multidisciplinary industry experts to deliver achievable and sustainable goals that will outperform the initial investment.

From Strategy Formation to Actual Implementation

A team with experience in multiple industries with the capacity of actual ground level implementations that will deliver the return on investment

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Our approach to business digitalization is your secret of success!

Process | Priority | People
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    Formulating the Most Effective Strategy for the Desired Corporate Outcome

    Let it be a corporate website, mobile or web application, 3rd party system integration, we help you to define your software development strategy at the initiation of the project.

  • 2

    Efficient Prioritization of Technical Developments and Internal Integrations

    We do help your organization to change the internal requirement along with the development process with the agile software project management approach.

  • 3

    Measuring the Results for Continuous Improvements & Performance on ROI

    We do provide enterprise-level post-go-live support to make sure a smooth transfer of ownership and we are striving hard to improve our process continuously.

We provide exceptional business outcomes with our extraordinary cross border team of talented professionals.

We have understood both pros and cons of having a cross-border talent pool working in multiple timezones across the globe. Hence we have effectively used a strategic tool to connect the client with their nearest timezone office to reduce any communication gaps while providing an around the clock technical, maintenance or monitoring services with a diversified cross-regional team of professionals. Additionally, We automate the development process from testing to environment deployments which will reduce the lead time software development of sprint and increase efficiency.

Inspired by the delivery & looking for a cross boarder career within Augustory?

We are happy to onboard exceptional performers through our tedious recruitment process which will check the abilities from analytical to people skills. Please visit our careers page for more information.

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